I love the coast by Ben Blair

I've always loved being around water. Living in Los Angeles for so long had a tendency to spoil me. Year-round perfect weather and closeness to the ocean made it easy to keep your toes in the water. 

Now that I'm living in Portland, it's not quite so easy to get to that same ocean. And when I do, it's certainly not the same. You know that if you've been to the Oregon coast. It's not the same as the Santa Monica sand that's for sure. But it's still beautiful, and if I can go, I do. 

That was the case on New Year's Eve. I had an opportunity to go spend a few days in the Gearhart/Seaside area. The last few trips to the coast had been pretty rainy and cold, but thanks to mother nature, the New Year's weekend was full of blue skies and a big shining sun. And that means --- photos! 

Jumping into the Sony game by Ben Blair

I've done it. Along with quite a few other prominent photographers and filmmakers, I've made the leap to the mirrorless world with the new Sony A7s Mark II camera. I've still got a lot of time to put in to figure out out of the bells and whistles and master the controls, but so far I'm pretty excited about the outputs. 

Are you shooting with the new Sony cameras (A7rII or A7sII)? Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.